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    Sensory Fun, Recipes and Freebies!

    Coloured Balls! + Free Download

    Coloured Balls! + Free Download

    Coloured Balls with Tapioca Seeds & Sago

    By Hermione Sutton, LWT Rep

    • Colour the seeds with food colouring
    • Leave in water to soak overnight
    • Place in fridge to offer a cold sensory experience

    Get ready to play... although that doesn't always go to plan... Read below!

    I learnt a valuable lesson about Creative Play today... 

    It's doesn't have to involve mess, expensive toys, lots of time to arrange, rules (except for the safety ones of course), structure. Our role is to provide the tools for our children to be themselves, explore their world and make their own fun.

    My creative play activity this week was 'Coloured Balls'
    After searching 3 stores for tapioca pearls I became impatient and bought tapioca seeds and sago, which I coloured with food colouring. Left them in water to soak up the colouring overnight. 
    I then placed them into the fridge to offer a cold sensory experience.

    This activity in my head went so much better (this happens a lot- particularly with my cooking), the colour came off a little in your hands, the balls where soggy, and when I set up the activity my daughter played for about 5 mins and then walked away - I was devastated! 

    I left the activity out on the lawn, and 20 minutes later she came back and had a ball! 

    She didn’t match the shapes or care to much about the toys – she just wanted to rub the tapioca into her skin, stand in it, sit in it and just have fun. She got a full sensory experience.

    If you are not into messy play – this activity might not be for you. 

    She played for ages – and incorporated nearly all her body parts! Surprisingly a big success in the end - I just needed to learn to let Imogen experience and play how she wanted too 

    Blog & image by Hermione Sutton, LWT Rep

    What about Tapioca Pearls?!

    Recommended by Dani Davidson, LWT Rep

    • Boil a pot of water
    • Put the dried Tapioca Pearls into the boiling water and stir every few minutes
    • Cook till they clear
    • Rinse to cool down and play!!

    Note: Dani left the Tapioca balls slightly opaque to open up conversation about tadpoles and fish eggs with her two girls.

      Images by Dani Davidson, LWT Rep 

      Puffy Paint + Free Download

      Puffy Paint + Free Download

      Simple Puffy Paint Recipe

      Recommended by Jenelle Myers, LWT Rep

      • 1 part PVA glue
      • 1 part shaving cream
      • few drops of food colouring
      1. Mix together and paint!
      2. Dry overnight

      Image by Tash Kritter, LWT Director

      What about Edible Puffy Paint?!

      Recommended by Melissah Bienke, LWT Rep

      • 1 tablespoon flour
      • 1 tablespoon salt
      • water
      • few drops of food colouring
      1. Mix together and paint!
      2. Dry overnight

      Images by Melissah Bienke, LWT Rep 

      Easy Edible Chocolate Play Dough! + Free Download

      Easy Edible Chocolate Play Dough! + Free Download

      Easy Edible Chocolate Play Dough Recipe

      Recommended by Jenelle Myers, LWT Rep

      • ½ block of butter (250g)
      • 180g Cocoa
      • 90g Icing Sugar
      • 250g Flour
      1. Mix together and play!
      2. No cooking necessary; continue to mix with hands to melt the butter and bring the mix together to form the dough.

      What next? Chocolate Play Dough Activity Ideas

      • Set up a dinosaur landscape with the play dough as the ground (roll out with a rolling pin) or rocks (roll into a all with hands)
      • Collect a range of trucks and cars from around the house. Roll out the play dough into a 1cm think sheet and run the cars over the surface of the play dough. What track marks do all the different cars make?
      • Get out your silicon cupcake holders as well as some decorative craft bits and pieces. Dress up and make your own cupcakes store. Take turns ordering and making cupcakes for each other. Finish off with a tea party!


      Images by Fiona Hall, LWT Rep

      Images by Kathryn Smith, LWT Rep 

      Not a fan on Chocolate? Try our Jelly Play Dough Recipe

      Recommended by Jenelle Myers, LWT Rep

      • 1 cup Plain Flour
      • 1 cup warm water
      • 1 packet Jelly Crystals
      • 1 tablespoon salt
      • 2 tablespoons Cream of Tartar
      • 2 table spoons oil
      1. Place all ingredients in a saucepan
      2. combine with a whisk
      3. Continue to mix over a low heat until mixture thickens and comes together
      4. When dough has cooled slightly roll on a floured bench top until dough is no longer sticky.


      Images by Jenelle Myers, LWT Rep 


      Edible Dirt! + Free Download

      Edible Dirt! + Free Download

      Edible Dirt Recipe

      Recommended by Jenelle Myers, LWT Rep

      • 125g caster sugar
      • 125g almond meal
      • 75g plain flour
      • 50g cocoa powder
      • 60g unsalted butter
      1. Preheat oven to 150C
      2. Melt butter
      3. Line baking tray with grease proof paper
      4. Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl
      5. Add melted butter into dry ingredients
      6. Mix thoroughly until it represents’soil’ like look
      7. Bake for 10-15 minutes

      Cool before allowing children to play.

      Images by Hermione Sutton, LWT Rep 

      Kids don't like getting their hands dirty?

      For an additional sensory experience, rummage the pantry and see what dried grains seeds and legumes you have! These have a variety of different textures and make perfect 'dirt' and 'rocks'

      Images by Jenelle Myers, LWT Rep 

      Can't find any seeds or grains? Try cereal!

      Image by Jenelle Myers, LWT Rep 

      Or just good old fashioned dirt and rocks!

      Image by Emmee Bond, LWT Rep 

      Sensory Play with Slime! + Free Download

      Sensory Play with Slime! + Free Download

      No Nasties Natural Slime Recipe

      Recommended by Jenelle Myers, LWT Rep

      • 1 Tablespoon of Psylium Husks
      • 1 Cup water
      • Food colouring
      • Food oil to make it smell nice
      1. Add ingredients to a large microwave safe bowl.
      2. Stir until dissolved
      3. Microwave for 3 minutes
      4. Stir and microwave again for 2 minutes.
      5. Allow to cool then it is ready for play
      6. Repeat for additional colours.

      *Use a large microwave safe bowl - it can be messy!

      Image by Hermione Sutton, LWT Rep

      Not sure what to do with it if it dries out?

      Cut it into cubes for another round of play - why not try a counting activity!

      Image by Hermione Sutton, LWT Rep 

      Kids don't like getting their hands dirty?

      Put the slime into a ziplock bag! Add in a few toys from around the house (or download and laminate the activity pieces below) to make an instant 'I Spy' bag.

      Image by Hermione Sutton, LWT Rep 

      Print the activity twice and turn it into a memory game!

      Image by Fiona Hall, LWT Rep