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    Educational Printables Your Child Will Love!

    Instant Download & Get Started Today 👇

    Little Wooden Toybox supplies parents, teachersspeechies, OTshomeschoolers with loads of fun personalised, educational and sensory play resources that give parents and educators the confidence to

    ✅ teach educational and life skill concepts

    ✅ equip children with the skills to succeed at school

    ✅ keep children engaged and learning through play

    Our teaching resources are designed to help you confidently teach concepts and skills in a way that is simple to follow & understand, building on each step/skill/concept as the pack progresses.

    If you can understand the concepts yourself, then you are going to feel more confident in teaching it and passing on your knowledge!

    Printables are designed by Tash Kritter, B.Ed K-7 and mum of 2 kids with Autism, meaning lots and lots of experience with OTs and speech therapists who have influenced design concepts.

    Your child's education is in good hands ✋🤚

    Fine Motor Skills

    Ready to succeed at life & school

    Perfect for developing fine motor skills & bilateral coordination, handwriting and scissor control 💖

    Spelling & Reading

    Literacy Resources

    Designed to help you confidently teach letter sounds (phonics) and digraphs (th, ch, sh, ck etc) and then introduce CVC words to begin spelling, reading & writing.

    Emotional Regulation & Sensory Profiles

    Therapy Resources

    Need help learning and understanding what keeps your little one calm?

    Not sure what strategies to use to help them stay regulated or to help them calm down when they have lost control?


    Therapy Resources

    Struggle to get out the door with your kids, without the screaming & tears?

    Try putting routines into place to help your little ones gain independence and make positive choices each morning!

    Sensory ABC 123 Shapes & Colours

    For Little Learners

    The perfect start for little learners to be introduced to Colours, Shapes, Letters and Numbers 1 to 10 - all through sensory play.

    Everything you need to teach your little ones the basics to get them ready for school! 

    Homeschooling & Educational Resources

    Perfect for Home & the Classroom

    Are you homeschooling and need fun activities to keep your little ones engaged and learning through play?!

    We've got you!

    Designed by a Qualified Teacher

    All this time & experience goes into every single design you purchase, meaning you get all the benefits of years of 'behind the scenes' knowledge! 

    ✅ Bachelor of Ed. Kindy to Year 7

    ✅ Two children diagnosed with Autism (ASD)

    ✅ Over 640 hours in intervention therapy over the past 9 years

    ✅ Working with Speech Pathologists, OTs, Teacher Assistants and Psychologists.

    Tash Kritter

    Something for every little learner!

    2 Year Old

    Sensory Play & Activities for Beginners

    Discover the joy of rhymes with these all-time favourite nursery rhyme packs and farm play activities specifically designed to help little learners build practical skills over a wide range of learning areas 💖💖💖 Loads of sensory craft and play based learning activities to keep your kids engaged and learning through play!

    3 Year Old

    Sensory, FMS & Foundation Activities

    Time to learn the basics with numbers, letter patterns (formation), counting, colours, shapes, counting and preposition words (up/down, in/on, left/right)... all through play while developing fine motor skills!

    4 Year Old

    Building on Concepts & Independence

    Learn letter sounds & digraphs for spelling, reading & writing, explore science concepts and the world around us through life cycles and weather, discover maths as we learn about time and measurement, all the while becoming more independent with routines and continuing to manage emotions and our 'big feelings'. 

    5 Year Old

    Keeping Trickier Concepts Fun & Interactive

    Now we get to trickier concepts such as 2D & 3D shapes and more complex words and sounds for spelling, reading & writing - watch this space as we are adding more resoucres soon 🥰