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NDIS Approved

Designed by Tash Kritter, B.Ed K-7 & mum of 2 kids with Autism and 650+ hours of experience with OTs & speech therapists who have influenced design concepts. Need an invoice for NDIS? Click here 👇
home school curriculum award

Designed by a Qualified Teacher

✅ Bachelor of Ed. Kindy to Year 7

✅ Two children diagnosed with Autism (ASD)

✅ Over 640 hours in intervention therapy over the past 9 years

✅ Working with Speech Pathologists, OTs, Teacher Assistants and Psychologists.

Tash Kritter

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Meet Tash
Fine Motor Skills
Develop scissor control, writing first & last name, colouring between the lines, holding a pen & handwriting
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Sensory Play
The perfect start for little learners to be introduced to Colours, Shapes, Letters and Numbers 1 to 10 - all through sensory play.
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In short, no… BUT our resources are designed to be used in play settings, not at a desk with pen & paper. Little hands are not developed until 4 years old, therefore, they should not be holding thin pens or markers until they are older.

Instead, use chunky crayons and paint brushes at an easel instead of a desk - gross motor skills (movement from shoulder) need to be developed before fine motor skills (movement from wrist).

Check out our Sensory Play with ABC 123 Colours Shapes for  beginner learning activities with loads of sensory play ideas & recipes.

We hear this a lot these days, especially after COVID restrictions where kids have spent many hours on the iPad (we get it - no judgement here 😊) but definitely check out this pack to help strengthen fine motor skills, cutting skills, handwriting and writing your name Fine Motor: Cutting & Handwriting Skills

My two kids have ASD and ADHD too, so many of our resources have been developed to help other families cope with kids’ additional needs… these two packs in particular 💖

Emotional Regulation & Sensory Profiles Understanding and recognising emotions is key to getting emotions under control and responding to how we feel in a socially acceptable manner. If we can't recognise how we are feeling, then we don't know how to fix it or avoid it next time. This pack will help you manage emotions as well as build a sensory profile for both you and your kids.

6 x Routines Interactive Play Bundle Routines require a lot of: ✅ executive functioning skills ✅ time management ✅ working memory ✅ fine motor skills ✅ gross motor skills ✅ motor planning ✅ understanding context ✅ problem solving. Visual schedules to take away the pressure and stress of having to remember what to do and in what order, especially when there are so many skills required to complete each task.

No sorry… But you can take your digital files to Officeworks and they can print & laminate for you, otherwise a $25 laminator will work fine

All good! Check your Junk folder and if it's still not there, email orders@littlewoodentoybox.com.au or PM me with your order number and correct email address - chances are there may have been a typo in your email when it was entered it at the checkout - this is a common mistake and easily fixed 😊

Don’t stress! Just email orders@littlewoodentoybox.com.au or PM me with your order number and I’ll reset that for you 😊

Display folder: Officeworks -https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/display-book-a4-20-pocket-fixed-light-weight-clear-nbdbfx20cr

Velcro - Bunnings - https://www.bunnings.com.au/velcro-brand-25mm-x-5m-white-stick-on-loop-only-tape_p3960030 (don’t forget to get the hook side as well)

TIP: Cut the velcro tape in half down the middle - making it last twice as long

Laminate twice, CUT ONCE! This is a life changer!!!

Run the one laminating pouch through the laminator twice - this will bond the plastic to the paper and allow you to cut out once, without it splitting.

Don’t want to laminate but want to reuse the activity? Place the page into a display sleeve to make it wipe clean 😊