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    Stage 2 introduces Digraphs at the beginning, middle and at the end of words.

    Activities incorporate these new sounds into CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words like d-u-ck

    Reusable activities with minimal cutting and laminating. Developed with Ishwari Samarakoon of Speech Therapy Services

    You'll feel confident teaching your child to:

    ✅ sound out words by pulling apart the sounds (segmenting): k-i-ng

    ✅ recognise digraph sounds at the beginning, middle and end of words: k-i-ng, king ends with the sound ng, the last sound in king is ng

    ✅ read and match digraphs to the correct diagraph letter combination: read king, hear ng at the end, the digraph in king is ng

    ✅ put the sounds back together (blending) to read the word: k-i-ng makes the word king

    What's included:

    This pack includes: 31 pages including 8 pages  double-sided, laminate & cut out, plus 4 activity pages to laminate

    ✅ 3 pages instructions

    ‚úÖ 2 pages CVC with digraphs words list & reference chart

    ✅ 4 diagraph reference pages 

    ✅ 3 pages digraphs at beginning & end of words - reference

    ✅ 3 pages digraphs at beginning & end of words - blank to fill

    ✅ 2 pages digraph template to match pictures/letter cut outs

    ‚úÖ 5 pages CVC words - fill in the first sound and end sound using digraphs

    ✅ 1 page CVC Flash cards segmenting & blending game

    ✅ 1 page CVC Matching game

    ✅ 1 page CVC Rhyming activity 

    ✅ 1 page CVC Reading activity

    ✅ 1 page CVC Writing activity

    If you selected Digital Download:


    This is a license for one household or classroom

    Print at home or take the file on a USB to your local print store to get it printed & laminated

    If you don’t want to laminate each page, you can place them in a plastic sleeve or display folder to make them wipe clean