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    Stage 4 includes CVCC words, where traditionally the CC combination of sounds has been taught as 'blends'.

    Blends – originally the term for CC (two consonants together) combinations were called and taught as blends.

    For example: post was made up of the consonant ‘p’ short sound vowel ‘o’ and the blend ‘st’, but now we teach it as p-o-s-t, recognising and sounding out each of the sounds individually.

    For this reason we have not referred to CC combinations as blends, however, we have still covered all of the CC combinations.

    Reusable activities with minimal cutting and laminating. Developed with Ishwari Samarakoon of Speech Therapy Services

    You'll feel confident teaching your child to:

    ✅  sound out the CVCC word by pulling apart each sound (segmenting), including digraphs (covered in Stage Two)

    • l-a-n-d
    • wh-i-s-k 
    ✅   focus on hearing the second last sound in the CVCC words, this is often missed when spelling
    • land, l-a-n-d the second last sound in land is n
    • whisk, wh-i-s-k  the second last sound in whisk is s

    ✅   put the sounds back together (blending) to read the word, including digraphs

    • l-a-n-d makes the word land
    • wh-i-s-k makes the word whisk

      What's included:

      This pack includes: 25 pages 

      ✅ 3 pages instructions

      ✅ 2 pages CVCC with digraphs words list & reference chart

      ✅ 4 pages to print back & front - letter cards

      ✅ 3 page CCVC reference CC sounds

      ✅ 3 page CCVC spelling activity

      ✅ 5 pages create CCVC word using short vowels sound A E I O U

      ✅ 3 pages CCVC listening activity - focusing on second sound only

      ✅ Boom Game - 1 pages of letter/picture cards to cut out + playing cards

      ✅ Matching Game - 1 pages of letter/picture cards to cut out + playing cards

      If you selected Digital Download:

      This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT

      This is a license for one household or classroom

      Print at home or take the file on a USB to your local print store to get it printed & laminated

      If you don’t want to laminate each page, you can place them in a plastic sleeve or display folder to make them wipe clean