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    Stage 6 introduces Vowel Digraphs at the beginning, middle and at the end of words.

    Comes with loads of pictures & activities to help you understand & practice correct spelling with these tricky letter combinations 💕💕💕

    Reusable activities with minimal cutting and laminating. Developed with Ishwari Samarakoon of Speech Therapy Services

    Vowels Included:

    ✅ Long Vowel Digraphs for beginner years (to ~7 years old)

    ✅ Short Vowels oo for cook (rest are addressed in later years)

    ✅ all for ball (arguably an R Controlled Vowel which we'll cover in later stages but is one of the first vowel digraphs taught in early childhood)

    You'll feel confident teaching your child to:

    ✅ hear the different vowel sounds in words

    ✅ sound out (segmenting) the different consonants and vowel sounds in words

    ✅ understand that there are different ways of spelling vowel sounds that sound the same
    • long vowel a sound can be spelled with ay, ai or a_e digraphs

    ✅ understand that although some vowel digraphs are spelt the same, they make different sounds
    • the vowel digraph oo can make three different sounds like in book, food and pool

    ✅ match and choose the correct vowel digraph and therefore the correct spelling for common words

    ✅ read words correctly, trying the different vowel digraph sounds until the word sounds right and is read correctly (blending and decoding)

    What's included:

    This pack includes: 54 pages including 2 pages to laminate & cut out

    ✅ 5 pages - Research/Reference pages to better understand how our English words are built in regards to vowel digraphs

    ✅ 9 pages - Reference Pages: 4 pictures and word combinations as examples for each of the different vowel digraphs covered in this stage

    ✅ 9 pages - Reference Pages: Vowel digraphs are highlighted using 2 pictures/words from the first activity

    ✅ 9 pages - Activity 1: Use the cut outs or laminate and fill in the correct vowel digraphs for each word using the CVC boxes

    ✅ 9 pages - Activity 2: Practice writing out the whole word using the CVC boxes, focusing on the correct digraph spelling

    ✅ 8 pages - Activity 3: Choose the correct digraph spelling for each picture. Use the dotted thirds to practice writing out the different spellings to help you choose the correct digraph and spell the word correctly.

    If you selected Digital Download:


    This is a license for one household or classroom

    Print at home or take the file on a USB to your local print store to get it printed & laminated

    If you don’t want to laminate each page, you can place them in a plastic sleeve or display folder to make them wipe clean

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