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    How much is your child's education worth to you?! 🤷‍♀️

    We know it can be so hard to know what to do with your little one, how to encourage play, what you need to teach vs what the teacher teaches when they finally get to school age

    Let's take the hard work out for you! 


    Be confident and know that you are preparing your toddler to succeed at school - all through discover & play!

    5 activities per week to print at home

    was $4.99/wk 💖💖💖


    Or order the whole set and save 15%

    Activities incorporate the following learning areas 💖💖💖

    ✅  singing & movement 
    ✅  visual & auditory stimulation 
    ✅  fine motor skills 

    ✅  gross motor skills 
    ✅  resilience & problem solving 
    ✅  hand-eye co-ordination 
    ✅  bilateral co-ordination 
    ✅  social skills
    ✅  communication skills
    ✅  following instructions
    ✅  counting 
    ✅  story telling


    💚 Feel successful as a mum, teaching educational activities to your little one

    💚 Rest assured it's all done through play!

    💚 Know that you are guided each step of the way by a qualified teacher + a mum of two children with Autism + loads of experience & collaborations with OTs and speechies.


    “Such a BEAUTIFUL pack - we love the content and are enjoying the activities.
    Thank you for your time in putting these packs together”
    — Happy Mum ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Activities include:

    ✅  cut outs to sing along with a favourite nursery rhyme
    ✅  cut outs to make a mobile/diorama
    ✅  story rocks
    ✅  story mat (back ground & characters)
    ✅  puzzle - 2pce x 6 or 9pce
    ✅  shapes
    ✅  colours
    ✅  colour in
    ✅  matching
    ✅  cutting
    ✅  cutting & pasting