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    Our Vision

    To Empower Mums and Build Community

      Our Mission

      To build a community of mums who feel supported, accepted and educated about the benefits of learning through play in a practical and easily applicable way

      To promote learning through play in a fun and creative way

      To bridge the gap between parents and early childhood educators

      To empower our community of mums to teach and equip their children to become successful lifelong learners

      To provide mums with a sense of achievement and belonging

        Our Values

        Education and learning through play
        Acceptance an supporting mums
        To empower and bring out the best in each other
        To continue learning
        To Own your mistakes - be real

          How do we do all this right now?

           Check out out Little Wooden Toybox Inspire. Create. Play. Facebook groupa place to share, create, educate and support each other through the journey of learning through play. 

          We are about providing sensory rich play experiences for our children to create, discover, learn and grow in a play based environment, at their own pace and in their own time.

          We equally believe in the importance of building community and supporting mums on their parenting journey. To connect with each other and share our wins, successes, struggles and failures, a place to gain inspiration and post proud mummy moments, to encourage, build up and cheer each other on.

          We value and accept each other and each child, no matter our differences, limitations, strengths and weaknesses. We are about inclusivity and access to education for all little learners of all abilities.

          Finally and perhaps most importantly, we understand the importance of teaching and equipping our children today with the skills needed to become successful adults tomorrow. Don’t underestimate your value and influence as a mother 
          Join us on the journey today! 

          Inspire. Create. Play. Facebook Community Play Group

          How do we achieve this on a global level?

          Last weekend at our Game Changers business conference I had the great pleasure to meet and have lunch with a bubbly little man Paul Dunn, who happened to be the Chairman of B1G1 - Businesses for Good.
          I had often wondered how on earth we, a small company in Australia, could ever actually make a difference to projects and causes that we are passionate about both locally and around the world.
          Last weekend we were given an answer and decided to partner with B1G1, an organisation that helps businesses like Little Wooden Toybox actually make a difference in this world and for generations to come.

          WORLD IN A BIG WAY.

          Local and Global Projects we are currently Supporting

          Global Goal #15: Give a Meal of Hay for a Rescued Animal

          When you place an order with us we'll give 1 meal to a rescued animal.

          We all know how much our Aussie farmers are struggling with drought this year so we chose this project so that we can help out a cause close to home.

          Make a world of difference to rescued animals by providing a daily staple: hay. With hundreds of animals dependent on us, hay is an essential ingredient to compliment grazing. Horses, cows, goats and sheep all love to chomp on this golden delight!

          Global Goal #4: Keep a Girl Safe

          And when you leave a fair review, we'll provide 1 day of access to education to prevent a girl from being trafficked.

          Our personal safety is something we often take for granted here in Australia but this is not the case in countries such as Cambodia.

          Protect a girl from sex trafficking by keeping her in school. Being in school means they are regularly accounted for, and are less likely approached by traffickers with a fake offer of work. Skills taught in school, such as critical thinking, also decrease the risk of girls, and their future children, of being trafficked. Your contribution will fund a trained Anti-Trafficking Education Officer to visit her regularly and provide her with any school resources she might need, such as books or pens. It will also cover any extra tuition classes she requires to succeed at her education.