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    Step #1 - Pre Reading & Writing:

    • pre writing shapes and pencil strokes - practicing basic letter direction; top to bottom of page, left the right
    • visual scanning - scanning the page to find objects is a pre reading skill needed to later scan the page from left the right to read
    • multi sensory play โ€“ pens and paper arenโ€™t necessary at this age; think outside the box and integrate playdough, kinetic sand, paint, shaving cream** and different textures into play with these handwriting guides. Or use chunky paintbrushes or crayons on a vertical surface (easel or window) to develop gross motor skills before fine motor skills.

    **test on the plastic prints first to make sure the ingredients donโ€™t damage the print

    Step #2 - Letter and Number Awareness:

    • correct letter formation - start at the top at the green dot, left to right, finish at the red dot
    • letter and number recognition
    • sounding out letters and recognising each letter has a sound (phonics)
    • countingย numbers and recognising each numeral represents a certain number

    Step #3 - Letters and Number Formation:

    • refined Fine Motor Skills โ€“ smaller fonts and smaller letter patterns
    • increased fluency
    • letters and numbers are recognised and child can in most cases correctly form the letters but needs practice
    • Personalised Names
    • Prep Set of 5

    Step #4 - Visual Handwriting Guides:

    • resources to remind children how to write letters and numbers correctly where letter direction prompts are not needed
    • reference guides
    • resources for free writing and story telling or recounting
    • Desk Strip
    • Dotted thirds

    Step #5 - Other activities and resources to aid learning in a variety of subject areas including Maths