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    Join our community of like minded mums who are passionate about learning through play and who love sharing their creative play ideas with each other and the wider community. (Plus save 20% on your own orders and earn 20% on referred orders!)

    Option 1: Join our Inspire. Create. Play Facebook group here

    Option 2: Join with us as an Affiliate and...

    •  ✔️ earn 20% commission
    •  ✔️ promote our products to friends, family, teachers and playgroups
    •  ✔️ 20% discount for you
    •  ✔️ become a part of a team of mums sharing creative play ideas and parenting experiences with access to our Facebook group
    •  ✔️ contribute to our creative play ideas posts - see Creative Play Ideas
    •  ✔️ $59 joining fee including $137 of products!
    •  ✔️ FREE personalised URL when you refer your first 5 orders
    • ❌ no contract
    • ❌ no required schedule of posts per week (on social media)

    We love learning through play and our products are designed to promote a learning through play experience for children and parents alike! 😉

    We design a range of resources including

    •  ✔️ digital resources where you can print from home
    •  ✔️ paper prints - perfect if you dont have a printer but are happy to laminate yourself
    •  ✔️ wipe clean re-useable resources (recommended). Our wipe clean range isn’t laminated, we print on special plastic stock that is more durable than laminate.

      🌎 Paper and wipe clean products only available in Australia, printables are available worldwide.

      Ready to Join? 😊

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