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    About Us

    Everything you need to know about who we are and what we do!

    Everything you need to know about who we are and what we do!

    βœ… teach educational and life skill concepts
    βœ… equip children with the skills to succeed at school
    βœ… keep children engaged and learning through play

    What We Are All About:

    βœ… Learning through play!

    βœ… Fun, interactive & reusable educational resources that allow you to confidently teach tricky concepts in a way that is easy to understand.

    βœ… Creating sensory rich play experiences for children to create, discover, learn and grow in a play based environment, at their own pace and in their own time

    βœ… High quality resources with well researched designs & concepts - you won't find anything quite like our designs! Hours of work goes into each design, including choosing amazing artwork to ensure your are engaged and learning through play, every time!

    βœ… Acceptance: We value and accept each other and each child, no matter our differences, limitations, strengths and weaknesses.

    βœ… We are about inclusivity and access to education for all learners of all abilities - there will always be a special place in my heart for kids with additional needs, and supporting mums on this challenging parenting journey

    βœ… We understand the importance of teaching and equipping children today with the skills needed to become successful adults tomorrow. Don’t underestimate your value and influence as a mother or teacher! 


    βœ…  Empower mums and build community


    βœ… Sell high quality reusable educational resources that promote learning through play

    βœ… Bridge the gap between parents and early childhood educators

    βœ… Provide education around the importance of learning through play

    βœ… Empower mums and educators to first understand, and then to confidently teach educational concepts

    βœ… Set up community centres Australia wide where families are supported, accepted and educated 


    βœ… Education and learning through play

    βœ… Acceptance and supporting mums

    βœ… To empower and bring out the best in each other

    βœ… To continue to learn

    βœ… Own your mistakes – be real 😊

    Tash Kritter - Director:

    Tash, the Director of Little Wooden Toybox, has a Bachelor of Education K-7 and is a mother of two young teens; both diagnosed with Autism.

    During her years at university and in early intervention therapy (working with occupational therapists, psychologists and speech pathologists), Tash has developed a strong conviction of the importance of play in early childhood and the impact it has in adult years.

    βœ… Bachelor of Ed. Kindy to Year 7

    βœ… Two children diagnosed with Autism (ASD)

    βœ… Over 670 hours in intervention therapy over the past 10 years

    βœ… working with Speech Pathologists, OTs, Teacher Assistants and Psychologists who have influenced our designs and teaching concepts.

    Story Behind Letter Basics:

    The original Letter Basics range was first designed in 2012 by Tash after her boy continuously struggled with fine motor skills and bilateral coordination (crossing the midline) in early childhood.

    Homework was regularly taken home after each speech therapy session to practice correct letter patterns and correct letter formation.

    Unfortunately the handouts were dull, had been photocopied hundreds of times and were black and white... that is, they were boring!

    So Letter Basics was born: A unique and fun range of handwriting guides, activity mats and posters to make learning enjoyable.

    Since then, the range has adapted and grown to include

    βœ… CVC spelling, reading & writing program

    βœ… reusable & interactive books full of activities to develop fine motor skills & handwriting, letters, numbers, colours & shapes

    βœ… loads of bright & colourful resources to help understand and manage emotions and routines, both in the classroom, at home, and during therapy.

    βœ… picture books & nursery rhymes play series to foster a love of reading with a focus on literacy as well as a wide range of other learning areas

    The range will continue to grow as I continue to learn, upskill, face new challenges with my teens, get help from our therapy team, and perhaps most importantly, as I continue to receive feedback and requests from customers!

    And the best bit is, we are an Aussie small business and everything is designed and printed right here in Perth, WA!

    Let's Go Shopping!