Our Story

We provide a range of educational handwriting guides and wooden toys to a community of mums who love creative play PLUS we show parents the educational benefits of learning through play and how to set up enriched play opportunities and experiences for your child.


- Empower mums and build community


- Set up community centres Australia wide where families are supported, accepted and educated
- Sell high quality wipe clean educational guides and wooden toys that promote learning through play
- Bridge the gap between parents and early childhood educators
- Provide education around the importance of learning through play
- Empower and equip our team of mums to teach others

To provide mums with a sense of achievement and belonging


- Education and learning through play
- Acceptance and supporting mums
- To empower and bring out the best in each other
- To continue learning
- Own your mistakes – be real :)

Tash, the Director of Little Wooden Toybox, has a Bachelor of Education K-7 and is a mother of two gorgeous children; both diagnosed with Autism. During her years at university and in early intervention therapy (working with occupational therapists, psychologists and speech pathologists), Tash has developed a strong conviction of the importance of play in early childhood and the impact it has in adult years.

The original range of Letter Basics was first designed in 2012 by Tash Kritter (Director) after her boy continuously struggled with fine motor skills and bilateral coordination (crossing the midline) in early childhood.                                                                                     

Homework was regularly taken home after each speech therapy session to practice correct letter patterns and correct letter formation. Unfortunately the handouts were dull, had been photocopied hundreds of times and were black and white... that is, they were boring! 

So Letter Basics was born: A unique and fun range of handwriting guides, activity mats and posters to make learning enjoyable.

Letter Basics are wipe clean educational resources designed for children to have fun while learning! 

Our unique, attractive designs and range of fonts help children develop the basic skills of writing, including correct pencil grip, good posture and correct handwriting movements... and they are designed and printed right here in Perth, WA!

Ensure Your Child Gets The Best Start When Learning To Read And Write!

Make a better choice today by promoting learning through play in your household and imagine the joy one your little one’s face when they get to play with their new resources!

Printed on unique plastic stock that is more durable than laminate.

HOW TO CLEAN: Wipe clean with a baby wipe or damp cloth and start again!

It is important to make sure that you choose the right font when ordering your Letter Basics wipe clean handwriting guides.

Each school in Australia can choose which font they use. For example, schools in WA use predominantly Victorian (with the silly ticks and open 'b' and 'p' or New South Wales Font. In saying that, many schools are now using the South Australian 'bat and ball' font too.   

If you are not sure and not able to check with your local school, we recommend choosing NSW font or SA font as these are the simplest fonts to learn.


CHOOSE THE RIGHT TEXTA: Use with a washable marker (we recommend Crayola), not a whiteboard marker as the oils will ruin the prints.

At Little Wooden Toybox we love wooden toys! 

Wooden toys are different; they last longer, are aesthetically pleasing to touch and listen to, they are passed down through the generations and now scientific research is suggesting that wooden toys are much better for your child than plastic or electronic toys.

Wooden toys inspire creative and imaginative play in children which is important for cognitive brain development as well as social and emotional development. Studies have shown that play with educational toys and instruments in early childhood can have significant impact on the areas of the brain that control language and cognition in teen and adult years.

Children who play with wooden toys from 0 to 4 years old are more likely to be well balanced adults as wooden toys encourage imagination, role play (practicing real life skills and scenarios), social interaction, language development and communication, reasoning and problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. We must also remember that young children are very sensory learners and wooden toys tick all the boxes for multi-sensory learning!

At Little Wooden Toybox we are passionate about your child becoming a successful lifelong learner and believe that this can only truly happen through play-based learning in early childhood.

So it’s time to turn the screens off, stock up on wooden educational toys and get your child ready to play, learn and discover!