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    CVC Stage 1 to 8

    Children need to first be confident in knowing all their letter sounds (not the names of the letters) before starting to learn CVC words.
    ✅ a for apple, b for bag, c for cat

    We begin teaching spelling, reading and writing with CVC words. CVC words are made up of a consonant, a short vowel and another consonant, hense C-V-C
    ✅ cat, bet, kit, rot, mum

    There are four different skills that we focus on when teaching CVC words:

    1. Sound out words by pulling apart the sounds (segmenting):

    2. Recognise the first sound:
    c-a-t, cat starts with c
    the first sound in cat is c

    3. Read and match each sound to the correct letter:
    read cat
    hear c at the start
    the first letter in cat is c

    4. Put the sounds back together (blending) to read the word:
    c-a-t makes the word cat

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