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    🍎 What Are Fine Motor Skills and Why Are They Important?

    🍎 What Are Fine Motor Skills?

    Fine Motor Skills (FMS) are the coordination of small muscles to perform skills that generally involve our hands and fingers.

    Fine Motor Skills includes Bilateral Coordination/Crossing the Midline, Handwriting/Tracing, and Scissor Skills.

    Bilateral Coordination/Crossing the Midline: Imagine a line running from your nose through to your belly button - this is your midline. Crossing the Midline involves tasks that require your right hand or foot to cross this line and complete a task on the left side of your body or visa versa: a right handed person writing - starting from the left side of the page. kicking a ball with your left leg across your body to send it to the right (direction), reaching across the table with your right hand to grab an object on your left etc.

    Handwriting: Learning to form letters correctly in order to write legibly. Handwriting is a very important skill (despite the rise in technology & typing) as a different part of the brain is activated when handwriting. Handwriting is better for planning, reflecting and goal setting as it causes you to mentally engage with your notes, therefore improving literacy and comprehension. Typing on the other hand, allows you to record information without much thought as to what is being typed.

    Scissor Skills: Learning to hold scissors correctly and using your 'helping hand' to maneuver the paper while cutting.

    🍎 Why Are Fine Motor Skills Important?

    Fine Motor Skills are essential for so many daily tasks and life skills including;
    ✅ writing ✅ tying shoes ✅ eating with a knife & fork ✅ getting dressed ✅ doing up buttons ✅ doing up a zip ✅ typing ✅ cutting ✅ drawing ✅ colouring in ✅ brushing teeth

    If we do not teach and practice Fine Motor Skills, children will have
    ✅ difficulties holding & manipulating a pencil
    ✅ difficulties learning to write name & letters
    ✅ dependence on carers for everyday activities
    ✅ frustration and/or avoidance of tasks

    Activities to Help Develop Fine Motor Skills 💖

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