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    Play Dough Cup Cakes!

    So many fun ways to play!

    Play dough is such a versatile play material and can be used for so many different things! See the video and recipe below to make super simple no cook play dough 😊

    Raid your craft supplies to use along side the play dough, or go for a 'nature walk' and collect nuts, leaves, sticks and herbs to add to your play dough sensory play.

    Make 2D and 3D shapes with pop-sticks and play dough at the corners to join them.

    Get out your tea set and try making these cupcakes and have a teddy bear's picnic... the options are endless!

    So much opportunity for creative play!

    Simple No Cook Play Dough

    βœ… Dissolve 1 cup salt in

    βœ… 2 cups of boiling water

    βœ… Add 2 tbls oil

    βœ… Add 2 cups plain flour

    βœ… Add 4 tbls cream of tartar

    Mix & play!

    Use Play Dough with these Play Packs πŸ’–

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