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    DIY 'Dirt' & Fossils Play

    Skills Included in this Activity 🦖

    Sensory play opens up so many opportunities to learn and play, and this activity is no exception!

    Science - mixing one or more ingredients together to get a new or different result; adding ingredients and making the dirt mix.

    Following Instructions - following a recipeand method: adding the correct ingredients at the correct times

    Maths/Measurement - measuring out ingredients; understanding the meaning and differences between teaspoon, tablespoon, cups etc.

    FMS - Bilateral Co-ordination - using both sides of the body to complete a task: making up the dirt mix

    FMS - Bilateral Co-ordination - using a paint brush to gently brush away the 'dirt'

    FMS - Crossing the Midline - Imagine a line running from your nose through to your belly button - this is your midline. Crossing the Midline involves tasks that require your right hand or foot to cross this line and complete a task on the left side of your body or visa versa: in this activity, try placing the brush, digging 'tools' and discovered fossils on the left side of the table/desk so that your child has to reach across their body to pick them up and put them down (switch over if left handed).

    Role Play - this is also a great opportunity for role play and pretend play! Why not try out your skills as a scientist or chef (mixing substances/ingredients) and then a paleontologist.

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